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was established in 2006. It was initially a network of six national and provincial technical working groups and one national MSM network advocating for HIV-related prevention and care priorities for Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) and transgender people (TG) in the Greater Mekong sub-region (GMS) of Southeast Asia. PSN works with local MSM and TG networks and organizations in Cambodia, China Guangxi and Yunnan provinces, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to strengthen the response to HIV for MSM and TG communities. The PSN secretariat was administered by amfAR/TREATASIA under the support of USAID.


October 2010, PSN has become an independent network and successfully registered under the name of “PURPLE SKY NEWTORK FOUNDATION” under the laws of Thailand.


we have become Purple Sky Network Foundation, we have expanded our mandate from exclusive HIV focus to both health and human rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and People with Sexual Diversity in the Greater Mekong sub-region. Our focus is on advocacy and capacity building to improve access to healthcare services and eradicate stigma and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the GMS sub-region.


are governed by our Regional Governing Board of 15 members from all countries in the GMS sub-region with the sub-committee for transgender women and the sub-committee for lesbian, transgender men and bisexual women to ensure that all sub populations are well represented.


work with national MSM/TG/LGBTI networks and organizations by providing technical support and addressing inter-country and multilateral issues related to MSM/TG/LGBTI health and human rights.


currently based in Bangkok Thailand and functioned by the Executive Director and staff

Our vision: PSN devotes to improve health, wellbeing and human rights of LGBTI and people with sexual diversity in the Greater Mekong sub-region.